Commercialisation Innovation Announcement: Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing

For Immediate Release
Date 08.04.2022

Bendigo, (VIC) – Safescape is a proud recipient of project funding to support the continued development of the Bortana EV electric light vehicle. Safescape is one of 6 METS companies to receive the grant designed to accelerate commercialisation of Australian technology.
METS Ignited has awarded over $2.5 million to various innovative businesses to support them in their innovation journeys and this will help stimulate Australia’s technological development. In six years of operation, METS Ignited has invested more than $13M in 26 projects, with over 60 industry participants. Collaborative funding projects have focused on the commercialisation of technology in the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector.

“These funds will be used to increase capacity and improve customer experience as we move from BETA test phase to full production in late 2022,” said Steve Durkin, Founder and Managing Director of Safescape. “METS Ignited have been a strong supporter of decarbonisation in the mining industry and a great supporter of the Bortana EV. From the beginning, they have offered support through advice, networking, exposure, and direct financial contributions.”

This is the latest round of project funding and is focused on scaling commercialisation. Six companies who have delivered successful industry pilots and have a dedicated focus on innovation were selected to scale their technologies.

“It’s terrific to see METS Ignited’s commitment to home grown innovation and its support for businesses that are focused on safety, autonomy and low emissions technology. Through these funds, we will be able to continue our journey of making all mines safer.”

Safescape is currently preparing a fleet of 10 BETA phase test Bortana EV’s which will be delivered to mine sites across the country. Serial production will commence in 2023.

About Safescape
Safescape has a track record of commercialising innovative products that improve safety and efficiency in the mining industry. The Bortana EV is a battery-electric vehicle designed to handle the aggressive operating environment of underground mines. Designed and developed in Australia, the Bortana EV tackles safety and health concerns by reducing emissions, heat, and maintenance. Safescape is establishing facilities to support 10 vehicles per month initially with plans for maximum production capacity above 100 vehicles per month to support both Australian and export markets, with first production scheduled for the first half of 2023.

Contact Information
Name: Beau McKenna
Organisation: Safescape / Bortana EV
Phone: 0417583897
Email: [email protected]

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