About Safescape Multi-Bund

Safescape Multi-Bund has been designed as a modular light weight bunding product. 

Multi-Bund is available in a variety of colours and can be moulded using FRAS rated material.


Used empty for delineation of pedestrian access around heavy equipment or can be filled with concrete or other fill materials for heavier duty applications where protection from vehicles is required. Multi-Bund has six bolt down point for anchors up to 45mm diameter where edge protection for trucks and loaders is required. In this application Multi-Bund essentially acts as concrete formwork creating an appropriate shape whereby the quality of the cemented fill determines the strength of the finished bund. Multi-Bund is also moulded with fork tine points for easy transport with the use of an IT or fork lift.  Multi-Bund can also be linked together with the Multi-Bund pins.

Solar Bund

Solar Multi-Bunds can be made in a variety of colours. Solar Multi-Bund can be utilised for a variety of delineation applications. They are designed to stand out at night and would be ideal for uses on haul roads, fuel bays, intersections, maintenance work shops, and pit ramps.  They are also ideal on ROM pads to separate tipping points on night shift by using different colours  at the end of each “Ore or waste finger”.


Our warehouse is situated in the Perth suburb of Forrestfield in Western Australia, which provides easy access to a host of national and international freight options including road, rail and sea. By manufacturing 100% in-house, we have complete quality control over all Safescape products and the ability to tailor production schedules to the specific needs of our clients. Fast and efficient turnaround from order to installation is our service guarantee.

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