From our first installation at Fosterville, Victoria, Australia to our recent installations in Spain, Portugal, the USA and Canada, Safescape Laddertube has a rapidly expanding global reach. We welcome you to explore where Safescape Laddertube is in use.

“Calculation shows that the water pumped down the escapeway was about 2,113 Mega Litres – this based on pump operating hours from 20/08/13 – 04/10/13. Given the amount of water pumped down the 196m shaft I find it remarkable that the repairs required were limited to replacement of the hand-rails, one step and the fall arrest cable. Equally as impressive was the speed with which Safescape mobilised to Papua New Guinea in order to repair the damage and recommission the ladderway – an excellent testament both to the quality of the product and to the level of service provided. Many thanks, Fergus”.

Fergus Hart

Manager Underground Operations & Mine Technical Services, OK TEDI MINING LTD

“The Safescape team are very easy to deal with and are always willing to put the client’s interests first. The installers do an excellent job whenever they come to sight. The operators are experienced and take great pride in their work to ensure a neat and tidy final product, which is important where safety is concerned. I would definitely recommend Safescape to other companies who value safety, efficiency and high quality results”.

Scott Mariager


“Safescape’s installation team attended the mine on time and with everything they were required to bring. The inclement weather did not dampen their enthusiasm nor their professionalism in any way. The procedures, checks and safety standards that are in place are very good and were carried out as required. The task was scheduled for 3 days and was completed safely, well within that time frame. It was very well done and I cannot praise Safescape enough”.

Alan Oakes

Mine Superintendent, Tritton Mines - Aeris Resources

“The Safescape Team have completed another quality installation of their poly lined ladderways at a deep level in our mine (~1580m below surface). The installers were very professional with procedures, checks and safety standards throughout the job. The experienced operators were able to modify installation techniques to account for the site set up and were flexible with timing to ensure they were able to stay onsite and complete the job”.

Daniel McKeon

Senior Mining Engineer , ST BARBARA LIMITED

“The Safescape team run a tight project, the safety ethos was great, planning was thorough and execution was spot on.”

T Hewitt


“I was very happy with the whole installation process and product of the ladder way. I was particularly interested due to the high salt levels we had present within our mine. The switch from a steel caged ladder way to the Safescape ladder way was an easy decision to make and I have recommended the product to other parties.”

M Poepjes

Technical Services Manager, MINCOR RESOURCES

PO Box 310 Bendigo Central VICTORIA 3552

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