The Bortana EV






A battery-electric vehicle designed to handle the aggressive operating environment of underground mines.

Designed and developed in Australia by Safescape, the Bortana EV tackles safety and health concerns in mining head on through zero emissions, reduced heat and lower maintenance.

Bortana EV

Born in Bendigo, the Bortana EV has been designed to significantly reduce the mining industry’s energy usage and vehicle emissions.  

Boasting an impressive 160kW output motor, 350Nm of torque and 2 tonne payload, the Bortana EV makes light work of underground duties.

The badge

On the front of the vehicle is the Bortana EV’s stamp of approval. The logo comes from our local production factory visitor Evie (or EV) the Echidna and resonates with the Bortana EV’s strength, uniqueness, and robustness.

The Body

After a long search, the rough and ready all-terrain Agrale Marruá was selected as the base for the Bortana EV due to its excellent build quality, high payload capacity and inherent corrosion resistance. What makes the Marruá unique is that every panel is galvanised and the chassis is fully sealed. Originally designed for military operations, the Marruá was the perfect base to build the Bortana EV.

The Battery

The battery is developed in Australia by 3ME Technology.

The smart lithium-ion batteries have been purposely designed for mining. Making them maintenance free, rapid charging and impressive energy density.

Above all else, we believe the batteries are the safest on the market.


1000V AC – 25kW on-board charger.
The Bortana EV is able to use existing mine infrastructure to charge from empty to full in under 2hours. (For underground users)

415V AC – 25kW on-board charger.
The Bortana EV can be charged via the automotive standard Type 2 (Mennekes) plug. (For open-pit/surface users)

Off-board DC – 80kW+ rapid charging.
The Bortana EV also has off-board DC fast charging capability with CCS2.

The benefits

Aside from the obvious benefits of reduced exposure to emissions for miners. The Bortana EV also has mainly solid-state system components and even fewer moving parts, which equates to increased up time, efficiency gains and lower maintenance costs.

Along with that, running a Bortana EV underground means spending less time, money and resources on evacuating noxious gases, particulate pollution and heat generated by diesel machinery, ultimately reducing ventilation requirements.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Bortana EV, please contact one of our team.

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