Longevity – Low maintenance – Military Grade


The Bortana EV electric light vehicle has been developed to face the heavy-duty challenges of underground mining.


The Vehicle

Developed to face heavy-duty challenges in mining, also suitable for industries including:





The Bortana EV is extremely robust to ensure maximum reliability whilst supporting cost effective operations.


Robust Corrosion Resistant Construction 

Low Maintenance Cost

Zero Emissions 

High Payload 

12 month limited warranty on parts for underground vehicles.

Safescape has developed a mine-ready underground electric light vehicle for the Australian mining industry.  It is apparent that the benefits of battery electric vehicle (BEV) technology such as low maintenance cost, high up time, zero emissions, low heat generation and safer operational controls make this technology highly desirable for mining companies and particularly for underground mines.

A lot of the maintenance cost and up time benefit comes from the fact that EV system components are in a large part solid state, there aren’t many wear parts and even less moving parts.  They are relatively easy to protect from the often challenging aspects of the underground environment such as dust, acidic and saline water and rough terrain.

These benefits result in a drive train that will last longer than we would normally expect a vehicle to last in the underground environment.  Because the advanced batteries themselves represent the largest part of the investment in a battery electric vehicle it is important that the vehicle itself also survives longer in the environment.

The Vehicle

We selected the Agrale Marruá as the base for this project because it is a much heavier duty vehicle than other vehicles available in Australia.  The build quality is excellent, it has a high payload capacity and its inherent corrosion resistance is unparalleled.

The Batteries

The batteries and some other BEV specific components are made in Australia by 3ME Technology.  The smart lithium-ion batteries have been purpose designed for mining, are maintenance-free, able to support rapid charging and achieve impressive energy density. We believe these batteries are the safest lithium-ion batteries on the market and we will explain why this is our belief and how we have been able to achieve this prior to delivery of the Beta-phase vehicles in 2020.

The Prototype

The Beta-phase for this project will involve delivery of 10-20 vehicles to mining operations across Australia during 2020.  These vehicles will be provided under a full-service leasing package at a rate commensurate with the total cost of ownership of a common underground light vehicle. The Bortana EV was developed with support from the METS Ignited Project Fund, an industry led Australian Government initiative.

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If you are interested in knowing more about the Bortana EV please contact one of our Fleet team  on [email protected]

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At Safescape, we are very excited to deliver what we hope to be a pathway to wider scale adoption of EV technology in underground mining. 

We are able to make this investment because of all you beautiful people and your awesome mines using our other innovative products, Laddertube, Multi-Bund and Edge Protector

With your support Safescape will continue to strive to make mines safer and better places to work.

About Agrale

Agrale is a Brazilian company with a growing export base that incorporated into its philosophy a big dose of boldness coupled with a lot of dedication and hard work that continues to win respect and admiration in the countries where it operates.

Agrale is part of the Stedile Group, which besides Agrale and its subsidiaries (Agrale Montadora, Agrale Argentina, Agrale Comercial and Lintec), also includes Agritech Lavrale, Fundituba and Fazenda Três Rios.

Updating constantly and improving every day, even after nearly one million products manufactured, Agrale still keeps alive the will to face and overcome challenges. In those 55 years working continuously, our work has influenced many people. From supporting farmers, passing through transport, mobility and security to the big cities. With the energy to create solutions in the transportation of people in the most complex situations, our motivation is renewed. Because putting people in first place is what take us further.



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