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Safescape designs and develops a range of safety products for the mining industry. Below is an outline of some of the patents found in our products.

Safescape Patent Information

Safescape Laddertube Patents

CountryDescriptionPatent Number
AustraliaA Ladderway System for Underground Raises2005312343
AustraliaImproved Ladderway System for Underground Raises2010342764
AustraliaLaddertube for Underground Raises2014225271
BrazilLaddertube for Underground RaisesBR112015019963-1
CanadaA Ladderway System for Underground Raises2589706
CanadaImproved Ladderway System for Underground Raises2,786,624
ChileLaddertube for Underground Raises56078
MexicoLaddertube for Underground RaisesMX/a/2015/011306
South AfricaImproved Ladderway System for Underground Raises2012/05080
SwedenImproved Ladderway System for Underground Raises2524110 / 10842780.8
TurkeyImproved Ladderway System for Underground Raises2524110 / 10842780.8
United States of AmericaLadderway System for Underground Raises9,038,775
United States of AmericaLadderway System for Underground Raises8,177,028

Safescape Edge Protector Patents

CountryDescriptionPatent Number
AustraliaEdge Protection Safety Bund System2015306060
BotswanaEdge Protection Safety Bund SystemBW/P/2017/00001
BrazilEdge Protection Safety Bund SystemBR112017001851-9
CanadaEdge Protection Safety Bund System2,954,199
ChileEdge Protection Safety Bund System00163-2017
ColombiaEdge Protection Safety Bund System35134
European Patent ConventionEdge Protection Safety Bund System15833485.4
MexicoEdge Protection Safety Bund SystemPCT/AU2015/000378
MongoliaEdge Protection Safety Bund System5954
PeruEdge Protection Safety Bund System000028-2017/Din-Indecopi-Peru
Russian FederationEdge Protection Safety Bund System2684788
South AfricaEdge Protection Safety Bund System2017/00017
United States of AmericaEdge Protection Safety Bund System10,344,444
August 31, 2022
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