Come Join Us at The Electric Mine 2024!

May 2024
Beau McKenna
Edge Protector
Bortana EV

The Bortana EV will be on display at The Electric Mine 2024 in Perth, WA.

The Bortana EV to Take the Stage at The Electric Mine Conference 2024 Outdoor Showcase in Perth, WA

We're excited to share that Bortana will be showcasing the Bortana EV at The Electric Mine Conference 2024 Outdoor Showcase in Perth, Western Australia between May 21-23.

As a leading advocate for sustainable mining solutions, we're eager to demonstrate our commitment to driving change and progress in the industry.

Being part of this prestigious event in Perth is an honour for us. The Electric Mine Conference is renowned for its focus on electrification in mining, and we're thrilled to be at the forefront of this movement. Our participation reaffirms our dedication to providing solutions that not only enhance productivity but also prioritise environmental sustainability and vehicle longevity.

During the outdoor showcase, attendees can expect to see first-hand the ground breaking technologies that Bortana has developed in the Bortana EV and will showcase  the transformative potential of electrification in mining operations.

We're also looking forward to engaging with industry professionals, stakeholders, and enthusiasts at the conference. It's a fantastic opportunity for us to exchange ideas, explore collaborations, and collectively shape the future of mining.

As we continue to lead the way in sustainable mining solutions, we invite you to join us at The Electric Mine Conference 2024 Outdoor Showcase in Perth.

For further information about the Bortana EV and our participation in The Electric Mine Conference 2024,please get in touch with us directly.

May 2, 2024
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