Longevity – Low maintenance – Military Grade

New to the Australian mining industry

Developed to face heavy-duty challenges, Agrale Marruá is very resilient and ensures high productivity with excellent operational savings.

The Vehicle

Developed to face heavy-duty challenges in mining, also suitable for industries including:






Agrale Marruá is extremely robust to ensure maximum reliability whilst supporting cost effective operations.


Increased Longevity

Corrosion Resistant Construction

Low Maintenance Cost

Euro V Emissions System

Higher Payload 

12 month limited warranty on parts for underground vehicles.

The Australian hard rock underground mining industry consumes approximately 800 utilities annually. The average monthly total cost of ownership of the vehicles is approximately $10,000. It is high as many of these vehicles only last for three years in the corrosive environment underground and they only last for about one year working in the tougher roles of Nipper and Charge utilities. The monthly maintenance costs are high because mining tends to consume components and parts faster than other industries. For example, a mining utility is serviced approximately twice a month.

Safescape have identified and secured the distribution rights to a vehicle that offers the industry cost and longevity benefits.

About Agrale

Established 1962,  Agrale is a Brazilian company with a growing export base. Agrale’s philosophy along with dedication and hard work continues to win respect and admiration in its countries of operation. With an impressive number of products manufactured (almost 1 million) Agrale is constantly updating, and improving.  Agrale continues to focus its attention on meeting customer needs and providing products and services that are creative and competitive in the automotive field. This includes vehicles to commercial, defence, agricultural and mining industries.

*** Agrale is part of the Stedile Group

With an impressive global distribution network, 31 countries, strategic vision and a commitment to innovation, Agrale offers quality products and outstanding technical support. Agrale’s Marrua was developed for challenges faced by commercial vehicles in severe conditions and remote areas. This combined with Agrale’s commitment to customers and strong organisational principles which include quality, collaboration, respect and ethical behaviour, make it an exciting company to work with in providing the Australian mining industry with a vehicle that is designed specifically for harsh environments, and surpasses anything currently available in terms of value for money.


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