Bortana EV Beta Fleet in Development

March 2021
Beau McKenna
Bortana EV

The Bortana EV Beta fleet is being tested and is anticipated to arrive on client sites by the end of 2021, with full production to commence in 2022.

Bortana EV beta fleet is being tested to ensure that it stands up to the unique demands of the mining industry. The fleet of battery-electric light trucks will be deployed to client mining sites in late 2021, and is set to hit production stage in 2022.

With the success of Alpha prototype testing and with interest increasing from the mining sector and beyond, we are developing the Bortana EV Beta fleet in our vehicle production facility in Bendigo, Victoria. The Beta fleet will be built with a number of improvements based on client testing and feedback.

The initial run of ten single cab Bortana EV's have already been committed to mine sites across the country. The vehicles are being used to test how they work in real-world conditions at different mines sites. The data gathered will be used to make informed decisions before committing to full-scale production.

An early Bortana EV Alpha protoype

Continuing from the success of the Alpha model, Beta vehicles are being built on the body and chassis of the Agrale Marruá. They feature a dual battery system and trays custom-made by a local Bendigo manufacturer.

It is anticipated that the Beta fleet will be deployed to customer sites by the end of 2021, with full production scheduled to start in 2022. We are very excited to enter the next phase of development and can't wait to see the Bortana EV widely adopted in Australia and ultimately, around the world.

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December 2, 2021
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