New Perth Office Signage Features Evie the Echidna

August 2021
Beau McKenna
Bortana EV

Our Perth manufacturing and distribution office got some fresh signage this week, featuring our favourite electric vehicle mascot: Evie the echidna.

We just put up fresh signage for our Perth manufacturing and distribution office. The redesign includes the new Safescape font and a separate sign for Evie, the echidna mascot of Bortana EV.

New signage for the yard

Who is ‘Evie the echidna’?

The Bortana EV logo was developed when our vehicles first began Beta production and our Bendigo office (where the vehicles are being made) had a very curious and spikey visitor on multiple occasions.

A plucky little echidna visited our Bendigo site

Despite being kicked out numerous times, "Evie" as the echidna came to be known, kept popping up in the end of air vents and even in our employees' boots! Taking that as a sign, we named her Evie, which correlates to the ‘EV’ in Bortana EV.

Evie adorns the grille of every Bortana EV

And thus, the Bortana EV logo was born…

Evie inspired us to develop an aggressive, electrified version of the echidna image to be the vehicle’s logo. With echidnas being unique, robust and strong it was the perfect animal to adorn the Bortana EV.

December 2, 2021
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