Safescape Celebrates World EV Day

September 2021
Beau McKenna
Bortana EV

Thursday 9th September marks World EV Day and the Safescape team is excited to join in the celebrations as we usher in a new era of electric vehicles.

What is World EV Day?

World EV Day is designed to recognise the shift to electric vehicle technology and the impact that it's making on the environment. We were pleased to be asked to participate in an event to mark the occasion outside of Optus Stadium in Perth.

Bortana EV arrives at Optus Stadium to celebrate World EV Day

Over 120 EV's (and their passionate owners) descended on the car park to showcase the immense breadth of EV technology. The Bortana EV made and appearance and definitely turned some heads as it's not your traditional EV. Special thanks to Florian Popp and the team at Gemtech Group for the invitation to attend. For more information on World EV Day or to make the pledge to #goEV jump on

December 2, 2021
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