Safescape Extranet Help

This page contains an overview of the Safescape Extranet features for new users

Safescape Extranet Help

The Safescape secure extranet for easy access to product and install information when and where you need it. Authorized personnel can access relevant product and installation information including guides and videos on products and installations, as well as get in touch with a specialist anytime help is needed.

How to use the Safescape extranet

The extranet is simple and easy to use. It is fully integrated into the Safescape website and the content is tailored to your specific products and vehicles.

Authorisation for extranet access

Access to the Safescape extranet is restricted to authorised users in organisations that have purchased Safescape products and vehicles.

If you need access to the extranet, please use the 'Customer Extranet Registration Request' form on the login page.

Don't have access to the extranet? Request access here

Logging in

Visit the Safescape extranet login page and enter your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password you can use the forgot password feature.

Safescape extranet login page

The extranet homepage

The Safescape extranet homepage is where you will find all the relevant product guides, installation instructions, helpful videos, and other information for products and vehicles that your organisation has.

This page is customised to your organisation and only features information that is relevant to the items you have on your site.

The extranet homepage is where you access important information

User account

Click 'View/Edit Profile' below your name on the extranet homepage to access your personal profile page. On this page you can see your profile information and edit your details or request support from the Safescape team.

See your account information
Edit your account details

Help is here if you need it

If you need help with using the extranet, or further support with information or assistance that is not available in the extranet, please reach out to our customer support team. There is a contact form at the bottom of every Extranet page and we have even pre-filled your profile details to make it super-easy!

Use the support request form to get help
December 3, 2021
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