CountryDescriptionPatent Number
AustraliaA Ladderway System for Underground Raises2005312343
AustraliaImproved Ladderway System for Underground Raises2010342764
AustraliaLaddertube for Underground Raises2014225271
BrazilLaddertube for Underground RaisesBR112015019963-1
CanadaA Ladderway System for Underground Raises2589706
CanadaImproved Ladderway System for Underground Raises2,786,624
ChileLaddertube for Underground Raises56078
MexicoLaddertube for Underground RaisesMX/a/2015/011306
South AfricaImproved Ladderway System for Underground Raises2012/05080
SwedenImproved Ladderway System for Underground Raises2524110 / 10842780.8
TurkeyImproved Ladderway System for Underground Raises2524110 / 10842780.8
United States of AmericaLadderway System for Underground Raises9,038,775
United States of AmericaLadderway System for Underground Raises8,177,028


CountryDescriptionPatent Number
AustraliaEdge Protection Safety Bund System2015306060
BotswanaEdge Protection Safety Bund SystemBW/P/2017/00001
BrazilEdge Protection Safety Bund SystemBR112017001851-9
CanadaEdge Protection Safety Bund System2,954,199
ChileEdge Protection Safety Bund System00163-2017
ColombiaEdge Protection Safety Bund System35134
European Patent ConventionEdge Protection Safety Bund System15833485.4
MexicoEdge Protection Safety Bund SystemPCT/AU2015/000378
MongoliaEdge Protection Safety Bund System5954
PeruEdge Protection Safety Bund System000028-2017/Din-Indecopi-Peru
Russian FederationEdge Protection Safety Bund System2684788
South AfricaEdge Protection Safety Bund System2017/00017
United States of AmericaEdge Protection Safety Bund System10,344,444

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