Kibali Mine

The Kibali gold mine is situated 560km north-east of Kisangani in the Orientale province. The site is one of the largest gold mines in Africa.

The Kibali miners and Safescape installation team pause for a happy snap.

The Situation

Kibali is one of the largest gold mines of it’s kind in Africa. A combined surface and underground mine, Kibali is situated in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 560km north-east of Kisangani in the Orientale province. and just 210km from the Ugandan border.

Travel to Kibali is via Dubai, onto Entebbe then a site plane to Doko, which is adjacent to the mine.

The mine is comprised of drill and blast raises, approx. 4-5m diameter and generally around 30 - 40 meters deep.

The Solution

Laddertube installations began in 2015. In most instances construction of a frame was required for the escapeways extending 3m into/across the raise. These frames were constructed on location, down the hole as opposed to being built on the surface and transported underground.

The Outcome

Safescape have trained crews there to continue the installation of future Laddertube rises.

Since the first installs in October 2015, to this date there has been over 1 km of Laddertube escapeways completed with a running total of 1048 meters.

Project Summary
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It is gratifying to see the Kibali crews adopt the skills to independently install Laddertube going forward.

Allison Deadman
Safescape General Manager
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